Program of the candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine

Program of the candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine

for the next election on March 31, 2019

Political party Public-political platform of Nadiya Savchenko

Nadiya Savchenko

Main objective:

To change the current political system of formation and functioning of governing powers in Ukraine.

The existing socio-political structure of Ukraine is a congregational decentralized republic, as a system of united administrative units (communities). This program calls for implementation of a new socio-political system through a simultaneous and interconnected change in legislative regulation of SIX major institutions of state and society, namely: the local government, the electoral system, the judicial system, the law enforcement system, the conditions of realization of labor and the conditions of disposition of public property.

In what follows, I propose to form the state from the bottom up, from the village to the capital, and not vice versa. Ukraine needs to return to a socio-political system that is natural for Ukrainians.

Goals and objectives

Creation of a new Constitution, which takes into account current needs of Ukrainian society, as well as its subsequent adoption via the national referendum for implementation of Ukrainian national strategy – the welfare and security of every citizen of Ukraine.

Ukraine needs to change the political system by the following constitutional means:

1. Conduct a census of the population of Ukraine.

2. Prohibit for citizens of Ukraine to have any citizenship other than the Ukrainian. Also, introduce a legal concept “not a citizen of Ukraine” (without the right to vote in elections and referenda).

3. Create national registers of agricultural land, infrastructure objects and real estate.

4. Reassess and redistribute public property in accordance with national interests of Ukraine, including the transfer of ownership of land outside the existing settlements to the communities, which are not well demarcated by national boundaries (while taking into account national needs).

5. Implement in the legislation and in regulations of public life, nationwide public ownership for all types of resources (natural and budgetary).

6. Amend the administrative structure in accordance with Article 5, Article 7 and Article 13 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

7. Adopt a mechanism of recall of deputies of all levels and simultaneously eliminate the institute of deputy of immunity on all levels of government.

8. Election and recall of heads of the prosecutor’s office, courts and municipal police is to take place in administrative units.

9. Implement a mechanism of impeachment of the President of Ukraine through a nationwide referendum.

10. Create a mechanism of national and local referenda.

11. Continue the moratorium on agricultural land until a transparent land market is established and incorporates the principles of land sales approved via voting at the all-Ukrainian referendum.

Ending the war in the Donbass

Program-appeal by Nadiya Savchenko

“We elect each President for some promise. The current president has been elected for a promise to end the war in a few days. However, the war continues, having become a bloody business, and the main hand of the guarantor of the Constitution, which we expected to defend our country, has become the main hand of robbery of our country.

Can the Ukrainians be lucky enough to elect a President of Ukraine, who is capable of self-sacrifice for the sake of his people? A sovereign, who believes in his country and whose actions are guided by consultative forms of governance. The answer would probably be “yes” if we were given the right to a fair choice. If the oligarchs and their protégés buy everything, what will we do? Perhaps then, in the end, we will fight for a prosperous life in our country against external and internal enemies?! Or at least, we will not sell our votes in the elections and will not vote for the villains, but instead choose consciously and conscientiously?!

The main purpose of the President is to unite Ukrainians into a Ukrainian society and in Ukraine as a country.

The plan to end the war

– By a fair redistribution of wealth.

It will have to start from the East and by fulfilling the promise given by the previous president, in particular to end the war.

– Grant to all citizens without exception, including those who live in the occupied and annexed territories, the right to vote in the presidential elections.

At present, the citizens of Ukraine living in the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts and in the annexed Crimean territory, even if they relocated outside, are restricted in the right to vote in the elections. The government in Ukraine can only be legitimate if elected by all Ukrainian people. Starting with these presidential elections, the right to vote must be given to all citizens of Ukraine, without exception.

In Luhansk and Donetsk regions – through the negotiation process according to the Minsk agreements; on the peninsula of Crimea – at border crossing points with mainland Ukraine.

After this step, the President in Ukraine becomes legitimate and can act on behalf of all Ukrainian people.

The following step to the end of the war:

– In satisfying the growing demand of the society and, in parallel, in complying with the Minsk Agreements, special status shall be given not only to the Donbas. Equal status, through full decentralization, shall be provided to all Territorial (Administrative) Communities of Ukraine.

At the same time, it is necessary to return the ownership of the land and natural resources within the territorial boundaries of the communities to the inhabitants of these communities (within the administrative units). Moreover, leave 80% of the budget at the local level, while the remaining 20% of the community budget, as well as the demarcated lands of the state reserve, subsoil and atmospheric air are to remain national, governed by the central government. The profits earned from the latter, in the form of “rent” or “unconditional basic income” (profit) is to be evenly distributed among all citizens of Ukraine from birth to death.

This change of administrative structure within the unitary, constituent and indivisible Republic of Ukraine is a process of real decentralization and the creation of powerful municipalities as the basis of the state. Such actions, in respect of the Constitution of Ukraine, give citizens the right to self-government, accountability, ownership and democracy, make up the highest form of democracy.

Territorial communities are administrative entities consisting of up to 200 thousand people, managed by local communities through local referenda, elections and recalls of local deputies and officials without the right to conduct foreign policy. The latter remains under the central authority of Ukraine. Such system will enable communities to develop economically according to their own rules of self-government, in line with the nationwide strategy of development of the state, thereby destroying the drive for separatism. This approach creates conditions for redistribution of social benefits and wealth, removes the state-oligarchic monopoly on subsoil, natural resources and the levers of state control.

Exercising the right of the people to elect and recall from elected positions, to elect and express distrust of the President, as well as the right of the Ukrainian people to a national referendum, creates an effective system of deoligarchization of the state. This ensures social justice and eliminates social desires for riots, uprisings and revolutions.

This new political system and approach to state governance will create conditions for progressive economic development of the country and will ensure the return of not only the occupied territories and Ukrainians of the Donbas, but also of many Ukrainian labor migrants from the western countries to Ukraine. These first steps can and should be done juridically and practically even while the military conflict continues.

The third step:

The amnesty proposed to us in the context of Minsk agreements is fiction, because we are still far away from forgiveness and reconciliation.

Following the first steps of reinstating for all citizens of Ukraine their civil right to elect the President of Ukraine, the next step should be to renew for citizens of the occupied territories their civil right to be the bearers of sovereignty of Ukraine by decentralization and creation of new administrative system of Ukraine and state governance. This includes renewal for citizens of Ukraine from the occupied territories their social rights, namely: payments of pensions and social security; bringing back hryvnia, the national currency, to the occupied territories; the return and establishment of national laws of Ukraine in the occupied territories; the implementation of self-governance of territorial (administrative) communities.

In carrying out these measures, it is necessary to allow the military forces on both sides of line of delimitation (the front line) to remain in steady positions. This will ensure that people in the occupied territories do not to feel threatened by Ukrainian authorities. All these processes are to be introduced solely through negotiations with inhabitants of the occupied territories. During this time, Russian authorities, under the pressure of the international community, shall begin to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories. If the above sequence of actions is not executed, or performed in a different order, then the recovery of people’s hearts and minds and as well as of the occupied territories will fail.

And the last step. Before reinstating for the citizens of Ukraine from the occupied territories their civil right not only to elect the authorities, but also to be elected to power, it is necessary to dissolve the military clash.

The proposed amnesty does not suit us. The reason being that, if we are to objectively acknowledge the truth, we must admit that war crimes have been committed by all sides.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a mechanism of coexistence of belligerent parties on different sides of the front line in a single country.

The first necessary action is to offer and give the opportunity and time to the people from the occupied territories who do not wish to remain citizens of Ukraine, to relocate to any other country with a guarantee of non-prosecution, but without the right to return to Ukraine.

The second must is to create two Ukrainian licensed private military companies (PMCs), East and West, and to securing their contracts in hot spots of the world.

People who were in the war very often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are not able to realize their potential in civilian life. Furthermore, not everyone will be able to reconcile with the enemy. In order to avoid further injuries and deaths, as well as to enable ex-military personnel to earn money and provide for their families, these human resources must be reallocated according to their qualifications. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian military continues to go on rotation to carry out peacekeeping missions at various hot spots of the world, such as the mission of helicopter detachment in Congo. Ukrainians are reluctant to form queues at the military recruitment committees to go to war and die for pennies knowing that military officials receive bonuses by the millions! The Ukrainian army must be provided for, well-trained and socially protected.

Why do we need two private military companies – East and West?

It is necessary to ease up the aggression on both sides, and doing this in one single army it is currently impossible. However, when it comes to carrying out missions outside the country, they can be directed to the same hot spots jointly. The PMC East is for all those who took up arms in the occupied territories, fighting against Ukraine. The PMC West is for all volunteers and those who do not wish to remain in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that the right to participate in peacekeeping missions shall be granted exclusively to the private companies licensed by the state, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine shall be used exclusively for the purposes of national defense of Ukraine and allowed to participate in international military exercises. This will immediately balance out the current situation on several facets, including: every individual’s choice, development of a military-industrial complex, participation of private logistics companies in supplying the home front, and strengthening of Ukraine’s economy by additional taxes going into the budget.

As soon as PMCs begin to carry out missions abroad, the front lines (delimitation) with the occupied territories will no longer exist, the integrity of the territories and the state border will be restored. Only in such conditions can the citizens of Ukraine from the occupied territories be given back their right to be elected to the central government authorities. On the contrary, right to elect and to be elected to the Community Council (administrative unit) is granted immediately after implementation of extensive decentralization. Therefore, the territory of the Donbas region, together with its people will be regained in a peaceful manner.

The Crimea strategy

While de facto Crimea is annexed to the Russian Federation, Ukraine can nevertheless provide the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with a de jure status of the Crimean-Tatar Autonomy and continue its struggle for liberation on the international arena.

Ukraine can make a breakthrough from the level of a third world country to the first in a blitzkrieg, using non-standard creative approaches in the economy as well as in the war against the aggressor.”

Candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine

Nadiya Savchenko