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громадсько-політична платформа
надії савченко

Founding documents. Party program


The program of the political party

«The community-political platform of Nadiia Savchenko»

The aim of the party

A change of the political system concerning the formation and functioning of governing authorities in Ukraine.

The socio-political structure of Ukraine – a complete decentralized republic, as a system of united administrative units (territorial communities).

The program foresees the implementation of a new socio-political system through the simultaneous and interdependent change of the legal regulation of the 6 key institutions of the state and society:

1) The local municipality

2) The election system

3) The judicial system

4) The law enforcement system

5) Conditions for the implementation of labor

6) Conditions for the functioning of property

We propose to form the state from the bottom-up, from the village to the capital, not the other way around. It is necessary for Ukraine to return to the socio-political structure that is innate to Ukrainians.

Goals and objectives of the party

Phase 1

  1. Removal of parliamentary immunity.
  2. The implementation of a transparent and effective mechanism for recalling Members of Parliament at all levels.
  3. The implementation of procedures of presidential impeachment.
  4. The formation of an effective mechanism of national and local referendums.
  5. The extension of the moratorium on agricultural lands until the establishment of the transparent land market set up in compliance to the land sale principles established at the All-Ukrainian referendum.

Phase 2

  1. Conduct a census of the population of Ukraine.
  2. Implementation of a ban for citizens of Ukraine on having any other citizenship, besides Ukrainian. Introduction of the legal concept «not a citizen of Ukraine» (without the right to vote in elections and referendums).
  3. The creation of national registers of agricultural lands, infrastructure facilities, and real estate.
  4. The reevaluation and the redistribution of state property in accordance to the national interests of Ukraine, including the transfer of the right of land ownership outside of populated areas to communities, without national land gaps (taking into account national needs).
  5. The implementation in the legal system and rules of public life of public property on all types of resources (natural and budgetary).

Phase 3

  1. The creation of a new Constitution taking into account the current needs of the Ukrainian nation and the subsequent submission of the Constitution to the All-Ukrainian referendum.